About qmetric

Founded in Thessaloniki, in 2012, by Manthos Mattheidis and Vasilis Apostolou, qmetric is a HR consultancy firm with offices in Thessaloniki and Athens. Our purpose is to provide reliable employee selection and development solutions and avoid at all costs the “quick and dirty”.

We add value to our clients’ recruitment and people development projects by using up-to-date, reliable tools and methods, as well as some of the most respected and well established psychometric tools.

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How can we help you?



We are experts in finding the best people for your business. Our tools (advanced job analysis, competency based interviews, assessment centres, psychometrics) ensure that you will get the best possible results, minimizing the room for error.

hr consulting

HR Consulting

We support your business by providing customized and reliable HR solutions. We design and deliver or train you to design and deliver a wide range of HR related activities, such as assessment centres, job analysis, CV screening and competency based interviews. We also use some of the best team building tools, such as the MBTI, to help your teams excel.


Job openings

Sharing your CV with us means that you will have access to job opportunities with some of the most dynamic businesses and startups. Our promise to you is that, besides abiding by data protection and GDPR requirements, we will contact you only in case a job opening perfectly matches your skills and experience. No spamming and out of the blue calls from us!