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Designing and running an assessment centre is a demanding task, which requires specific skills and experience. Our Assessment Centre Master Class learning programme is designed to provide participants with the necessary theory, practical skills and tools and enable them to design and run a successful assessment centre.

Suitable for: HR professionals

Experienced and well trained assessors is the key ingredient for a successful assessment centre. Assessors must be objective, fair and have all the necessary skills to perform their duties. This learning programme is specifically designed to prepare assessors for their participation in an assessment centre for selection or development. It can also be delivered as a refresher, for assessors who participate in assessment centres less frequently.

Suitable for: HR Professionals, Hiring Managers

Competency based interviews (CBI) are amongst the most reliable assessment methods, provided that they are well designed and delivered by experienced and properly trained interviewers. Competency based interviews require a methodical approach to job analysis, which leaves little room for error or bias. Our CBI learning programme is heavily focused on practice and mixes theory with practical tips.

Suitable for: HR Professionals, Hiring Managers

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