How we work

From job analysis to candidate assessment, we use reliable and valid tools. We work with you to establish selection criteria, which we then assess by means of competency based interviews, simulation exercises, psychometric tools, bespoke tasks etc. Candidate sourcing is not limited to just posting an ad· we search our extensive CV database and make the most of professional networking sites, meetups and, of course, our network. At the end, we share with you a detailed report, which gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What we assess

We conduct job analysis with our reliable, tried and tested tool (QCP). Following job analysis, we establish the competencies to be assessed. These can come either from our or your competency model.

How we assess it

We assess candidate fit with the use of tried and tested methods, such as:

  • Screening questionnaires
  • Competency based interviews
  • Psychometric tools
  • Ability tests
  • Simulation exercises
  • Tasks
  • Structured reference checks


Results are presented in user-friendly and detailed reports.

Our guarantee

We take great pride in the quality of our services. This means that, in case the employee leaves their position or you decide to terminate their contract, we undertake to fill the position at no extra charge.

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